August 19th, 2014: Love

Does marriage help or hinder love? Are men and women really all that different from each other? What does the behavior of online daters tell us about the desires of modern singles? Join a co-founder of OKCupid and experts from neuroscience and evolutionary psychology at the Empiricist League’s eleventh gathering, taking place at Union Hall (702 Union St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn).

Doors at 7:30pm. First speaker starts at 8pm.

$8 in advance, $10 day of show.

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Sex on the Brain: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Love, Lust, and Marriage
Dr. Bianca Acevedo holds a B.A. in Psychology from New York University and a PhD in Social/Health Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She is a research scientist at the NYC Departmentt of Health & Mental Hygiene in New York City and teaches courses in Interpersonal Relationships and Research Methods. She has published several widely-recognized articles on the science of love which have appeared in media outlets around the globe and which she has presented both nationally and internationally. Dr. Acevedo will speak to the Empiricist League about what the latest findings in neuroscience have to say about finding lasting love.

Mating Intelligence: Evolutionary Psychology’s Advice for the Lovelorn
Dr. Glenn Geher is Professor and Chair of Psychology as well as Director of Evolutionary Studies at SUNY New Paltz. Glenn has edited or authored numerous publications, including the book Evolutionary Psychology 101, as well as the blogs Building Darwin’s Bridge and Darwin’s Subterranean World for Psychology Today. He worked to launch the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS) in 2007 and is the lead guitar player for the Hudson Valley’s only all-professor punk rock band: Questionable Authorities. Dr. Geher will speak to the Empiricist League about how evolutionary pressures have shaped our approach to mating.

OKTrends: The Math of Online Dating
Christian Rudder is one of the founders of OKCupid and the author of OKTrends, a blog featuring observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of OkCupid user interactions, all to explore the data side of the online dating. His upcoming book,Dataclysm, explains how data scientists are quantifying the formerly unquantifiable and showing with unprecedented precision how we fight, how we age, how we love, and how we change. Mr. Rudder will talk to the Empiricist League about what this new explosion of data can teach us about the search for romance.