April 29th, 2014: Evolving Evolution

Can evolution make music better? Does Darwin need to be modernized?  What does the latest research on zombie-creating parasitic wasps teach us about what makes us human? The Empiricist League’s tenth gathering will take place on Tuesday, April 29th at Over the Eight (594 Union Ave., in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). First speaker starts at 8:30pm.  Please RSVP here.  Admission is FREE!

Evolution & The Creative Frontier
Maryam Zaringhalam is a Ph.D. Candidate at the F.N. Papavasiliou Laboratory of Lymphocyte Biology at Rockefeller University as well as the founder of ArtLab, “an ongoing experiment at the interface of art + science”. Maryam will show the Empiricist League how evolutionary principles are being applied to creative fields in order to create new experiences in music and art.
The Modern Darwin
Daniel Duzdevich is a Ph.D. candidate in the laboratory of Professor Eric Greene at Columbia University. He studies biological molecules that function as tiny machines on strands of DNA. His interest in the relationship between science and language motivated him to pen “Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Modern Rendition”. Daniel will speak to the Empiricist League about the importance of language in science, and how Darwin struggled to describe groundbreaking ideas that lacked an existing vocabulary
The Bugs Within
Anastasia Liapis, PhD is a scientific advisor who specializes in immunology, oncology, genetics, and cardiovascular disease. Anastasia is making her second appearance at the Empiricist League. Having dazzled us with the renegade power of our immune system’s Killer T-cells, Anastasia will speak on how microbiomes are the back-seat drivers of evolution. She’ll also share new research on how our modern lives affect our microbiome.