June 11th, 2013: “Understanding the Paradox of Time”

Time travel!  Black holes! 3D printing! The Empiricist League’s sixth gathering will take place on Tuesday, June 11th  at 7:15pm at Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Doors at 6:45pm, first speaker starts at 7:15pm.  Please RSVP at Facebook.  Admission only $5 – CHEAP!

The End of Time

George Musser is a former senior editor for Scientific American and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory. His article, “The Paradox of Time” won the 2011 Science Writing Award from the American Institute of Physics and was selected for that year’s Best American Science & Nature Writing. He did his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering and mathematics at Brown University and his graduate studies in planetary science at Cornell University, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow.   Mr. Musser will talk to the Empiricist League about what recent work in physics says about time, and how it cannot stop, but must.

The Fact and Fiction of Time Travel

Chuck Blake is a former research scientist at the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT. He did his undergraduate studies in physics at Caltech and graduate studies in physics at UCSD. Mr. Blake will speak to the Empiricist League about what science has to say about the possibility of time travel: how forward time travel is essentially a fait accompli and why physicists generally eschew backward time travel as usually portrayed in science fiction.

The Future of Fast: How 3D Printing is Speeding Up Everything

Linda Ricci is an entrepreneur and artist/metalsmith who has advised startups and Fortune 500 companies, as well as launched her own international luxury jewelry mass market brand.  This included teaching herself everything about jewelry production – from CAD through to 3d printing and prototyping. Ms. Ricci will speak to the Empircist League about the future of 3D printing and how it will change the way we think about everything.